A Back-To-School Note

Maybe this is a little weird, but the prospect of heading back to class is really exciting to me. The structure of my days will change, and there’ll be more time to use the way I want. I’ll be able to see friends who have been on co-op terms in other cities – and best of all, it’s a chance to get a fresh start academically and improve in the areas that need some attention.

I’m not the only student on the Binder Team. In fact, about half of us are students, either working part-time or as part of a co-op/internship program. There are lots of discussions about heading back onto campus, and how Binder fits in with our back-to-school plans. It’s these discussions that brought about the conversation of what we like and dislike at back-to-school time.

There’s no doubt that late summer is a hectic time. Students are moving into new living spaces, scheduling their classes, stocking up fridges, and buying a whole bunch of stuff to get prepared for the upcoming term. One of the most common complaints from us on the Binder Team is that of buying books. Of course they’re necessary, but waiting in line to get into the bookstore can sometimes take hours – and then there’s a whole bunch of waiting again at the checkout. From these discussions, we started building a bunch of cool new stuff for Binder. Everything new can be found at Discover Binder.com, but here are some of the things we can’t wait to show you:

  • Buy or Rent from a large collection of digital textbooks and study guides. Students in the US get an exclusive, first-look opportunity to shop for course materials on Binder. Publishers are still filling our shelves, but we already have thousands of titles available.
  • Win a $250 Binder gift card! If you live in the US and you have a Binder account, you could win a $250 Binder gift card that can be used until February 28, 2014. You can skip the bookstore line, and your backpack won’t feel so full – only your wallet will.

There’s lots of great news coming soon to Canada, so stay tuned to this blog, our Twitter account, our Facebook page, or the Binder Community to get the latest updates.

If you’re not sure how to feel about heading back to school, don’t worry. There are some great things about stepping back onto campus, but it can definitely be an overwhelming experience. Being conflicted doesn’t have to mean being stressed out, though – we built Binder to make life easy for students, and the new ability to rent or purchase course material on Binder is just our way of saying “we’re still looking out for you.” And there’s still a lot more to come.


 -Mitchell & the Binder Team


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I'm a 4th-year student at the University of Waterloo, currently a proud member of the Desire2Learn Binder Team. I'm an avid music listener, a photographer, and an addict of all things movie-related.
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2 Responses to A Back-To-School Note

Leah says: August 30, 2013 at 12:54 pm

Amazing!!! This time of year always brings excitement,

As a working professional and masters student, I have already used Binder in both settings. I love being able to make notes seamlessly in PDFs to send to colleagues, but love it more being a student; no more printing off pages and pages of readings….I can do everything I need to in Binder ( and look forward to downloading my etexts this wknd). As a sustainability expert, I appreciate the trees that will be saved using Binder too:)

Way to go- a practical and enjoyable product experience!

Mitchell Buchanan says: August 30, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Thanks for the comment, Leah! It always makes us smile to hear about someone who’s having a great experience with Binder – and it sounds like you’re enjoying it as an instructor AND as a learner! So two smiles for each of us this afternoon :)

Have a great weekend – hope to see you around the blog and the Binder Community again soon!


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