Calling All Students! Binder Now Available!

Earlier this year, we set out to bring a fresh experience to your course documents. Now as proud parents we want to tell you more.

What’s Binder?

Binder is an app that’s compelling, interactive, mobile and now available (for free!).

Being more than a digital document reader for Apple iPad®, it enables you to store, manage and augment your course documents. At first glance, we’re sure you’ll notice it’s a utility app packed with the essentials of a document catalog, viewer and annotation tool.

Have a look at our newly minted product page to learn more!

Why Binder?

You as students are nomadic, inherently social, diverse and busy (we know!).

Binder provides “always available” access (even offline) to your course documents allowing you to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.  With a closer look, we hope you’ll find that it’s also a productivity app helping you organize  and prioritize your documents with its tagging and flagging features. The personalization of Binder can also enable you to study and learn in a way that’s your own.

Why not give it a try and download it now!

What’s Next for Binder?

We think Binder offers a distinct app experience that deserves  your attention. And, the Binder Team is just getting started. We’ve charted a roadmap of great features to come and it’s wholly based on two goals in mind:

  1. Binder emerges to be an app you feel you can’t learn without
  2. Binder and the others who use it make you want to learn even more!

Lofty goals we know, but if not now maybe the app can evolve to be so in the future. Either way, we have a lot more learning to do ourselves …

The Binder Team and other users like you are quite simply here to help. We all want to hear from you. If you have ANY question to ask, idea to share or problem to report we’ll address it as a collective. After evaluating the app, come to our virtual gathering place to discuss any and all things Binder …

Visit the Binder Team’s official user community forum to participate!



About Aaron Stuart

Aaron is a Senior Product Manager with the Binder Team. He is responsible for product strategy and market fit. Twitter: aaronbstuart
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4 Responses to Calling All Students! Binder Now Available!

Panda says: February 5, 2013 at 8:14 pm

Will this Ever be available on anything other than apple? Like windows/google(chromebook)/android??? Because I don’t do apple… and I find it slightly unfair that I can’t use this product due to that. Especially since it seems it would be helpful for school related things.

Jim Goudy says: March 12, 2013 at 5:35 pm

This is great. Now, release a version for the Android side of the house and you can capture the other 70% of the market!


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