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Pop Quiz! Some Features and Benefits with Version 1.5

Since initial release of our app, the Binder Team has been “all ears” by fielding your great ideas and requests for new features. The resounding theme we heard from you was quite simply about choice. And, in its spirit, let me describe more by way of multiple choice.

1. Aside from EduDentity, what other credentials can you use to log into Binder?

a.) Bank Card Pin
b.) Phrase “Open Sesame”
c.) Facebook (you’re getting warmer)

Binder now allows you to login with your existing Facebook account and password. Go ahead and choose this option with the benefit of a familiar identity and credentials that you already use and trust.

2. Alternative to your Learning Environment, from where else can you import a document into Binder?

a.) Dropbox
b.) Microsoft Skydrive
c.) Photos
d.) From Other Apps with “Open In”
e.) All of the above (nudge, nudge)

Binder now permits document import from the sources and apps that you use already. Better yet, expect more to come in the future so let’s hear from you on what connections should be added next.

3. To where can you take a document out of Binder?

a.) Dropbox with “Send To”
b.) Microsoft Skydrive with “Send To”
c.) To Other Apps with “Open In”
e.) Email as Attachment
f.) AirPrint-enabled Printer
e.) All of the above (wink, wink)

Binder now permits document export to the sources and apps that matter most. To collaborate and share your work with others, export them with or without your annotations.

Download the update of Binder to see for yourself. Keep the feedback coming to our Community and share your experience with fellow Binder users.



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Kumar says: June 17, 2013 at 6:15 am

Hi Aaaron, this is a student at SIUC and I wanted ask about the progress of the Binder App for the Android platform. I’m aware that the application is slated for development. However, I would like to ask where that progress is thus far? Especially since forums for the application state that the Android app is set to be finished somewhere around the second half of 2013.


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